Experienced Assistance For Your Employment Law Concerns

The Law Firm of Peters & Wasilefski has provided businesses, insurers, and individuals quality legal counsel and representation in all employment law matters for more than three decades. Our legal services are designed to help employers understand how to comply with labor regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as federal laws and regulations.

In addition to providing legal counsel, our attorneys have served as legal representatives for businesses, insurers, and individuals involved in employment litigation, and dispute settlement mediation between employers and employees.

We know that no two employment situations are alike. With this in mind, our firm is recognized for its ability to provide innovative advice and solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are an employer, an insurer, or an individual employee with an employment legal issue, we can help.

Legal Support In A Comprehensive Range Of Employment Considerations

We offer counsel and representation in a full spectrum of employment law matters, including:

  • Employment lawsuits — We provide aggressive representation for businesses, insurers, and individuals involved in employee lawsuits, and litigation, including employment contract disputes wrongful termination, ADA issues and discrimination claims.
  • Employment manuals — From initial consultation through final draft, we can handle all aspects of employment manuals that you will need for your business operations.
  • Compensation and severance packages — We provide full legal counsel to help businesses determine appropriate compensation and severance packages. We also offer professional negotiation and mediation services to help resolve compensation issues.
  • Noncompete and confidentiality agreements — Experienced representation for businesses and individuals involved in noncompete and confidentiality disputes and litigation.

Contact us to learn more about our innovative, knowledgeable representation in all areas of employment defense and labor law litigation. You can reach our office in Harrisburg at 717-260-3483 or call us toll free at 866-830-1116.