Errors and missteps could derail your entire estate plan

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Pennsylvania readers know that it is impossible to predict the future, but there are certain steps one can take to have a certain measure of control over what happens down the road. One way to do this is by having a thoughtful estate plan in place, addressing everything from health care wishes to the distribution of assets for loved ones and beneficiaries.

You know that estate planning is important, but errors and missteps can complicate things for your loved ones and make it harder to settle your estate and fulfill your wishes. Estate planning is crucial, but it is also important to avoid mistakes and take steps to keep things updated.

How do you know if you are making a mistake?

There are many different types of estate planning mistakes. It is helpful to carefully review your current plans and even seek help as you take the appropriate steps to ensure that you have the protections you need. Some of the most common mistakes people make with their estate plans include the following:

  • Not keeping plans updated after major life changes, such as divorce, a death in the family or a remarriage
  • Failing to consider the possibility of a disabling condition in the future
  • Disregarding the ways you can reduce the taxes associated with your estate
  • Waiting too long to have a thorough estate plan in place
  • Naming the wrong person to handle your estate, leading to problems in the future

One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to have a plan in the first place. Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of income, assets and even your health. Additionally, it is greatly beneficial to consider the legal, financial, health care and tax ramifications of the decisions you make in your estate plan. You may find it useful to seek experienced guidance as you walk through this process.

Your future interests could be at stake

Your estate plan could impact your future health care, and it will certainly impact your beneficiaries after you are gone. Thoughtful consideration, knowledgeable input and careful planning can give you invaluable peace of mind for both yourself and your loved ones.

You do not have to wonder if you are committing common estate planning mistakes. You can get the help you need by seeking a complete evaluation of your case, gaining a better understanding of your rights, your options and how to build the right estate plan for you.