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Resolving Disputes Involving Executive Contracts

Executive contracts are an intricate balance of clauses and provisions that protect the interests of both the company and the employee. They are designed to provide for a successful relationship between the parties. Sometimes, however, if either party’s interests are not fully protected, these contracts can be the cause of bitter disputes.

The Harrisburg-based The Law Firm of Peters & Wasilefski is recognized as one of the leading employment litigation firms in south central Pennsylvania. For more than 30 years, we have aggressively advocated for the interests of our clients in a variety of contract disputes and executive employment discussions. From reviewing executive employment contracts for hidden or unclear provisions and clauses, to advising on issues related to forming such complex business as medical associations, we can effectively handle a variety of legal issues.

If you have a concern regarding an executive employment contract, or if you need general legal advice about any type of matter unique to executive-level employees, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Legal Support For A Full Spectrum Of Considerations

We advise our clients on a variety of executive employment matters involving:

  • Contract dispute issues
  • Confidentiality and noncompete agreements
  • Discrimination (including age, race, gender, pregnancy or AIDS discrimination)
  • Compensation disputes
  • ADA, ADEA and civil rights litigation
  • Formation of associations among physicians, dentists and other medical professionals
  • Severance packages and executive compensation agreements
  • Stock options
  • Retirement account issues

Our attorneys are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and interests. We understand the intricacies of executive contracts and can help you understand the exact terms and provisions you are agreeing to before signing.

If a problem arises later on regarding compensation, confidentiality agreements or noncompete clauses, we will help you resolve those issues as amicably — and at as little cost — as possible.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests

If you are involved in an executive employment dispute, contact our offices to schedule a consultation.

By contacting us early on in the dispute, we can often resolve the matter by means of arbitration or mediation, which is often less-expensive, less invasive and takes less time than going to court. However, we are always prepared to litigate if the situation requires.

To learn more, call us at 717-260-3483.