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Protection Against Unemployment Compensation Fraud

Unemployment compensation defense requires skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel. At The Law Firm of Peters & Wasilefski, our attorneys are experienced at handling unemployment compensation matters. We represent companies and small businesses in all types of employment matters and have in-depth knowledge of unemployment compensation laws.

Over the last three decades, our attorneys have built a reputation throughout Pennsylvania for providing aggressive representation and quality legal services. We can help you, too.

Defending Employers Against Unsubstantiated Claims

Like workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation is not paid directly by the employer to the employee. However, fraudulent unemployment comp claims by former employees can increase your insurance premiums as well as your business expenses.

At our firm, we defend businesses and employers from fraudulent claims for unemployment compensation by former employees. Our attorneys are skilled litigators who will aggressively defend your business in court, in negotiations or through alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Our extensive experience handling both workers’ comp and unemployment comp claims has given our lawyers a working knowledge of administrative law procedures in Pennsylvania. We can give you a straightforward assessment of how to prepare your defense and help you find innovative solutions to your employment and business issues.

Cost-Effective Solutions For Pennsylvania Employers

We provide cost-effective solutions and aggressive defense to Pennsylvania employers. Attorneys at our firm have the resources and experience to help you explore your options and provide you with an aggressive defense to unemployment compensation fraud. Contact our law firm to set up an appointment by calling 717-260-3483 or 866-830-1116.